Get some Vintage-a-Peel

by Miss Peelpants

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peoples of the vintage and retro persuasion! I am moving!

Dearest, loveliest readers. I am currently in the process of emigrating from blogger to wordpress. I had been contemplating it for a while, but the final push was having my google account suspended for the Very Great Crime of using the name 'Miss Peelpants'. Now it's no great secret what my name is, but I choose to be known as emmapeelpants (for reasons which escape me now) across the blogosphere and I refuse to change this. For anyone.

The new blog is at and I'm aiming to stop posting here in a few days. So get a head start, pick up your maxi coats and cloche hats and shimmy along to wordpress to follow me there.

Update your google reader! Update your bloglovin! Update whatever bookmark you have for me!

Oh my GOD! She's actually MOVING???
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